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Major German TV station claims temporary injunction against Tvoon Media Center

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Once again German major Broadcaster RTL (owned by Bertelsmann) tries to block
unpleasant but consumer friendly technology and innovation with a temporary
injunction. Once again a temporary injunction shall stop the TC
Unterhaltungselektronik AG (TC consumer electronics AG).

Historic background: Major German TV networks tried to stop judicial the
worldwide unique "Commercial Blocking System" four years ago. But all were
defeated by appellate court in Berlin. Now the highest German Court (BGH) will
decide at 24th June of 2004. This was not mentioned by RTL attorneys in their
newest urgent request for a temporary injunction.
TC is convinced, that it will stay legal to automate what can be done by hand:
to zap away during a TV commercial

What about the new temporary injunction?

In order to make the system affordable for anyone, the set top box was
redesigned as free PC software (Freeware). Nationwide signal broadcasting was
changed into an internet server.
The Freeware was copied more than 180.000 times in the first four month of
release (

Leading German press "Die Zeit" said "Tvoon, on of three companies, which can
change future tv market" (Tivo, Replay, Tvoon) and Tvoon was one of the
In many press releases TC described the massive strategic implications of
technology like Tvoon. TC described clearly and urgently, how technology like
Tvoon can and will change media conditions worldwide. Even members of RTL-New-
Media (technology branch of RTL) visited the TC booth on CeBIT for hours of
detailed information. But now RTL declares that the first contact with Tvoon
was a letter from BMG Music Group. (BMG invited TC for a presentation of
strategic investment, but TC was not interested). Both companies are members of
Bertelsmann Media Group.

How could Tvoon change the worldwide TV market?

Tvoon could replace any TV-commercial spot with own multimedia content,
theoretical with own commercials. Video-capturing is done commercial free,
saving disk space and user-time. But even real time TV experience is commercial
free (zap away, zap back) which is a worldwide unique feature and can protect
Childs from unwanted material.

It maybe a special annoyance for RTL, that Tvoon is Freeware
( ), but this is not relevant for a juristically point of

RTL declares that TC replaces RTL commercials with own commercials. This is not
true and wouldn't make sense for the high end users of Tvoon. Stupid commercial
breaks are boring and not efficient, compared to the much more sophisticated
advertising chances of Tvoon. Tvoon combines deep impact of TV with direct
interactive response of web-ads and allows very intelligent and accepted ways of
advertising. It was developed together with advertising industries and fulfils
the newest needs of advertising as well as users right of privacy and self-
Tvoon User are similar to TiVo User and want save time instead of wasting time.

This is one of the reasons for the huge demand of those more specific ways of
Another reason is the well known lack of iTV in Germany. Alternatives like MHP
or Open-TV need the cooperation of TV-broadcasters and set top box industry,
which has shown as a construction fault.

Media Dinosaur like RTL or BMG had have enough time to adjust their long term
strategies to the facts of internet culture. Here we have File sharing-systems,
free music transfer and broadband-pay-tv sharing (a new Tvoon project). Tvoon
is just a platform for those techniques, making these expert techniques
available to all TV spectators with just a click on the remote control.

Our company, the TC Unterhaltungselektronik AG has warned drastically more than
one time, that Tvoon may have massive & fundamental implications to mass media
TV. Maybe not today, but sure for tomorrow. The potential of Tvoon is very
high. Broadcasters, which won't believe that TC is able to realize such a
project, are now fully responsible for their false estimation.

Even the former RTL CEO - Helmut Thoma - already knew in 2001: "The differences
between TV and PC disappear with the time. If the quality is correct, it will
not matter, who supplies the pictures...".

For TC, there will be NO restrictions in selling, in income, or with
distribution of Tvoon software. All relevant success indicators point steeply
upward for months and are expected to grow more rapidly.

At 10th March 2004 TC released the first English version of the software,
further increase is expected.
The executive committee of the TC consumer electronics AG finds their media
strategies confirmed and expects more than ever an positive development of
TC is open for new investors, especially strategic partners, beyond stock
exchange opportunities.
Details: and
Mrs Petra Bauersachs, CEO, 0049 261 984 36-0 (Fax-36) or

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Issuer's information/explanatory remarks concerning this ad-hoc-announcement:

Innovations always change established structures. RTL and private TV was twenty
years ago a bad news for print mass media as well. Nevertheless the tv-
advertising market with 500 Mio EUR per month (for Germany only) is large enough
for an additional player. TC expects not more than 15% of all households
(broadband users) as customers. TiVo is a good hardware model for Tvoon as
software. TiVo also changed the way people use TV.

Involuntarily RTL gave some good reasons to join TC (quoted from the action of
that injunction):

".. TC sells advertising services, RTL can`t offer.."

"..TC AG can offer advertising cheaper than RTL.."

".. the loss of spectators for RTL leads vice versa to an increase in spectators
for TC. The income losses of RTL lead to income increases for TC ..."

But good news to advertisers as well:

"RTL is therefore in the future unable to implement the advertising time tariffs
against the advertisers....."

The legal request of RTL will finally not have success. Their definition of
television is creative, but will not convince: RTL television shall be "a
methodically arranged element collection, thus a data base". And blocking out
commercial spots shall be "Image editing without permission ".

WKN: 745420; ISIN: DE0007454209; Index:
Listed: Geregelter Markt in Frankfurt (General Standard); Freiverkehr in Berlin-
Bremen und Stuttgart

c-announcement (c) DGAP 12.11.2003

Issuer's information/explanatory remarks concerning this ad-hoc-announcement:

TCs worldwide unique and patented COMMERCIAL BREAK SIGNAL (send via Internet)
brings TC into the position of a new broadcaster, preselected to established
Tvoon could offer primetime commercials to the advertising industry during
commercial breaks of other stations (spot replacement). Major german TV
networks tried to judicial stop the worldwide unique "Commercial Blocking
System" but were defeated by appelate court in Berlin.
Creation of interactive TC campaigns are as easy as creating a website, since
TV & Web are mixed with a transparent browsing system. Interactive Applikations
(T-commerce) are controlled with remote control or even with voice in front of
any TV. Harddisk recording (like Tivo but without commercials) and video file
sharing is part of the freeware system. With this cash capital increase TC was
enabled for mass market penetration.
WKN: 745420; ISIN: DE0007454209; Index:
Listed: Geregelter Markt in Frankfurt (General Standard); Freiverkehr in

121100 Nov 03