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Tvoon Media Center (freeware) is now ready for download!

In combination with our low cost (starting at €13) TV-PC-Network you now have all enhanced TV-Funktions in your living room as well as in the study. And all without any expensive set top boxes and without monthly fees.

Have fun!

By the way: There are several ways to connect your remote PC with all of your TVs in a household. Please visit our Buyers Guide. You will never buy a set top box again!


Learn all about the phantastic world of enhanced tv-functions you receive with the free Tvoon MEDIA CENTER www.tvoon.org

Voice-Control of all functions, Voice-Chat on TV, Webcam on TV , Fax on TV, Videocollection, Automatic Records of all Topics in your EPG, share your recordings with other, burn on DVD, Broadband-Video on TV without burning .....

Welcome in the 3rd millenium
Welcome at Tvoon Media Center

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Tvoon®: A revolution for the Web-TV and the set top box industry. All new TV-functions (Internet; Mail; DVB; Digital Video Recording; EPG=electronic program guide) are performed with the Tvoon system for free

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Tvoon integrates all modern TV functions of all existing set-top-boxes in a new designed home-network-package.

What customers get for $0 to $ 49 is the following functionality:

+ Media Center
+ Interactive TV
+ Free Video on Demand
Tvoon !

If the PC is allready located in the living room, customers don`t have to pay a cent.
They only need the Freeware Tvoon MEDIA CENTER. This is why a broad distribution volume is expected.
Manufacturers can bundle their PCs with this multi function software.

All modern TV-Features:

Live TV Controls: Enjoy an instant replay with one touch of the remote; Rewind and fast-forward at multiple speeds
Digital Video Recording: Record with one touch in full digital quality
Search for favourite programs or listings up to 30 days in advance
Internet and Interactive TV
Surf the Internet while watching television with picture in picture technology
Respond to an advertisement, enjoy interactive programming.

More press support and a complete feature list can be found at www.Tvoon.de
Here you can download the software.


Use your PC as the best set top box ever...

Features, exclusively supported by Tvoon® and by no set-top-box: Fax on/from TV; send & receive; store on harddisk (same with email) Receive or make phone calls from your TV-Screen (caller-ID display) Print out Internet-Web-sites; emails; incoming faxes, all documents hands free communication, with picture-Tel (webcam optional: $25). Access your PC, two way communication between study and living room; use text processors on TV; use ALL PC Software on TV, simultaneously with TV.

Commercial-free TV: surf while break or watch interesting channels, auto-switch back after commercial ends, automatic commercial-free recording, patented, low cost ($25) TV-PC home network.


More user benefits..

Tvoon enables viewers to watch two live shows simultaneously or watch one live show while recording another. They also can pause live TV and interact with television shows, with parallel Internet- and PC- access. "Tvoon® offers consumers a whole new way to television experience" said Petra Bauersachs, president of TC. "Now you can get all new TV functions for a fractal price of the noisy $500 set-top-boxes. Pick the best time to watch your favourite shows, answer the (video)-phone handsfree on TV, send an e-mail message or surf the web during a commercial. During a commercial you can write with a word processing program, having access to your PC in study, print or fax without leaving your chair. Additional (free) TV-channels can be viewed by Internet connection. Future service enhancements will be made available through simple software upgrades delivered via internet. The system becomes never antiquated like TV-set-top-boxes."