Zukünftige Produkte

Other products

And TC developed a lot of other products, which increased TC`s technologie leadership in the related areas: V-Chip®: A low-cost small sex&crime-TV-protection adapter ($30).

New! TC patented infrared technology room-reflec® enables set top box manufacturers to controll any TV devices (video recorder; TV; sat receiver) with low cost chips. This technology is available by licensing since May 2001. The value of this patent was estimated by KPMG and others up to $ 40 million. (you may compare this to our actual stock market value).

New! TC`s TV classification signals (Sex/Crime/Commercial breaks) are transmitted via internet (JAVA) and by USW/UKW-RDS, Radio Data System. For a low fee, TC allows set top box manufacturers to use the signal for their own application (launched May 2001). For example a STB for interactive-TV can bring a interactive game on tv screen during the break.

New! Clean-Hotel®: Worldwide unique system for cable-TV in hotels and hospitals. Clean-TV means: No commercial breaks; no sex; no crime. (Patent pending, product launched May 2000)


Mrs. Bauersachs CEO

This makes Tvoon ready for mass market. TC plans to reach 50.000 User in 2003 in order to send own television program during commercial breaks (erotik, action & comedy clips).

Tvoon can (not in all countries) sell primetime commercials (!) to the advertising industry without any costs during commercial breaks of other stations (spot replacement). This spots furthermore are interactive, webconnected and with direct response (TV and Web are crossmixed). It`s possible to send each viewer an individuall tv-spot.